Wearable Art that embodies the essence of self-expression.

Wherever you are, in all your grandeur, this collection of WEARABLE ART has been designed and fabricated to honor life, express self-love, self-acceptance, autonomy, creativity, and luxury through unique and innovative jewelry and custom artwork! Find the piece that represents you!

YOU make them beautiful.

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Artistic Designer Earrings

Artistic Designer Earrings

Decorate your face with these unique, custom designed, head ornaments!    You... 

Two-in-one Necklaces (Reversible)

Two-in-one Necklaces (Reversible)

 Using my signature hand painting techniques and distinctive design style, I created... 

Your wearable art collection is valuable.

Handle with care! Treat your jewelry like you would a baby.

  • Photo of Ann-Marie Davy in black and white top wearing custom made blue and white earrings. She's also wearing blue and white glasses and she has natural hair with curly bangs

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    Meet Ann-Marie Davy | Wood Whisperer, Jewelry Designer, & Laser Artist. Published May 11, 2022

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    10 Amazing Resin Artists - Series 10 Amazing Resin Artists

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The process of creating the Family piece

J. Badu's Commissioned Artwork

  • Husband

  • A Representation of her daughter

  • Jamaica

  • A Representation of her other daughter