Gallery of Commissions

Welcome to my gallery of commissioned works of art, both wearable and interior.


All of the pieces are first designed by myself, then laser cut, and hand painted.  

This page will be updated periodically as I create more pieces.



Travis, the brother of the groom, took the photo on the right on his brother's wedding day.  He submitted the picture to me and requested a custom piece made for them as a gift.  The left, is the completed piece.


Custom hand painted Gye Name Mother's Day gift

Hand painted Africa wall art

Custom pair of hand painted African continent wall art. 

Hand made and hand painted custom mirror

Handmade and hand painted mirror


Eight piece collection of Julianna.


custom head wrap wall art, multicolored head wrap with black woman and matching earrings and necklace

Customer double afro  puff wall art.







Abbie commissioned the above piece, representative of her island home of Tobago.  Upon receipt of her pieces, she posted the following collage to her social media. 


Matching Gye Nyame and Ankh pair for a collector in Florida. 

Custom serving tray

Customer serving tray




Following are just a few the commissioned wearable art jewelry. 

 Multiple color, reversible, customer wearable art necklaces
Barefoot sandals


Commissioned gear necklace
custom name earrings and ear cuffs

“I’m Speaking” earrings inspired by Kamala Harris.

Photochromic earrings worn by Mrs. BVI