About The Designer & Brand

Introducing Ann-Marie



 Hello! Welcome to my online gallery! I am Ann-Marie, your host for this gallery and I will be showing you around.  I want you to understand that this is truly a personal experience; your interactions are with me, everything is designed, hand made, laser cut, packaged, and shipped myself.  There's no middle man between yourself and the creator of this space. With that, I welcome you, thank YOU for stopping by. :)

So, let’s move on to the actual introduction. I would like to start with my why, as I think that’s the best way to fully understand who I am and how that influences this experience.   I believe that we often overlook or maybe simply forget what a gift it is to be here, in this world.  Many  complicated pieces had to align for each person to be born and make it up to this point.  And with that knowledge, I think we really should do more to appreciate and celebrate the gift of life and our personal experiences! Yes, the good and the bad as they are reflective of our many triumphs.

  Adorning myself as a devotee may adorn a  temple and helping you to adorn your temple is my contribution and celebration of life.  Consider the earrings - the ornate stain glass windows, the necklaces are the thoughtfully selected artistic works of art hanging inside the temple.  And the bracelets are the the intricate details throughout your human architectural masterpiece. Can you see the picture I am painting here?


Ann-Marie in full black wearing a clear necklace, earring, and bracelet

  Your presence in this world at this time, is rarer than the most treasured structures. This is my "Why". I am Ann-Marie,  I am an anrtist,  designer, laser cutter, painter, and fabricator who uses wood and other mediums to celebrate the gift of life. That is my contribution to the world, how I serve,  my mission, and  my legacy. 

I create unique pieces for those who want to thrive, not just exist.   Our jewelry is an extension of how we feel or want to feel, a connection to our culture, a representation of our love for ourselves, and a connection to our community.  

Interesting and maybe obvious note, I am not formally trained, I am completely self taught and learning more with every new project. 





 You will see "I" used throughout, though I know formality dictates that this should be written in third person. And I hope you find it more welcoming in its lack of formality and in the use of my own voice.


My art serves as a reminder that there is beauty, goodness, love, creativity, and levity in the world.  I hope that when my earrings brush against your earlobes or neck, you are reminded to SMILE. I hope that when a collector looks at a piece of art hanging on their wall, they connect with love, joy, peace, and creativity and just SMILE.  I hope that the colors and the details serve as the distraction they need from what the world throws at them. Even if the distraction is only momentary to allow them to take a deep breath. This is my unique mission. This brand is also created to help you (and I), celebrate our lives via extraordinary statement pieces of wearable art and to help all of us cultivate interior spaces that feel like ourselves and how we want out spaces to FEEL.  It’s really just that simple.


 But if you would like to read the formal version, it is as follows:

Smiles by WrapStar, the original name of the brand, the was founded on creative passion and one principle:  to create uniquely stunning wearable art that will bring smiles to the faces of the collectors and those they encounter. Why are these smiles so important? Because they are the reflection of an appreciation for self and the investment you have made in adorning your gift, which is your body. My passion to help you express your unique self has grown to include a focus on combining my love of art, increasing skill set, and a collection of creative techniques to supply the need for unique wearable art jewelry and custom decor. Be it your body, your home, or your office space, there’s something here for you. 

More about Ann-Marie’s Philosophy & Mission

We have our share of struggles as women and I have seen where brands prey on our insecurities.  But, I want my brand to reaffirm that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

My Brand messages are these:

“My uniqueness is valuable and I belong in luxurious spaces AS I AM. I do not have to fit the mold of what a woman of luxury looks like i.e.  long hair, diamonds, name brand everything.  I CAN wear these things if I choose but I do not HAVE to wear these things to be luxurious.” 

“Self-love is related to how one presents oneself to the world. Luxury does not have to mean an omission or masking of the true self.”

 "I bring my SELF to work (place of employment), to the golf course, to the yacht, to the dinner, to the wedding, to everything as I would like to preset myself to the world, not as the world desires me to be."

"I AM ENOUGH – you can be bold and reserved at the same time. Make your presence make space for you then step into it.E. an introvert who looks like an extrovert."

Welcome to my cyber gallery and thank you forstopping by….. and reading all of that :D