Caring for your collection


Treat your artisanal jewelry as you would a baby or your cell phone. Don’t drop them! They will break.

  • Do not leave your art in a hot car, mailbox, or other extreme environments. Upon receipt, please take your packages inside as soon as possible. Heat can soften sealant and resulting in your pieces sticking together. 

  • No harsh cleaners such as bleach, alcohol based products, solvents, etc. They will strip or otherwise damage your artwork.
  • Put your jewelry on last, after using hair spray, perfume, and other products that may contain alcohol. Do not spray your hair/body while wearing jewelry on. Aerosol sprays and strip sealer on your jewelry.
  • Clean make-up residue with a damp cloth and dish washing liquid or make-up remover that does not contain harsh chemicals. Make sure cloth is damp not soaking wet.  And  use cold water only.  Wipe gentle with dry cloth to remove all mmoisture &  product residue.  Pat dry…completely dry.

Handle with care and they will last for years! 



To maintain the shining appearance of your acrylic mirror, please clean it with care:

  • Acrylic can scratch if it is not wiped gently.
  • Do not use harsh cloths or cleaning products.
  • Remove any dust particles using a lint-free cloth
  • Simply add a splash of mild liquid detergent to warm water, and gently wipe down with a chamois for streak free shine.
  • Using a soft, nonabrasive cloth, gently wipe the mirror dry.
  • Do not use solvents, alcohol based products, or glass cleaner; use of such materials may cause irreversible surface damage to your acrylic mirrors.

Some cleaning products are deemed as ‘safe’ to use on acrylic mirrors, but why pay more when a simple soap and water solution will suffice?

Your acrylic art mirror adapts well to all temperatures and weather conditions. With proper care, you can expect them to continue shinning for a good 15 – 20 years!