My Experiment With ArtResin

My Experiment With ArtResin

My title might be a tad misleading....I promise, it’s not clickbait. I have been using ArtResin off and on for a few years but hadn’t used it in the way I will outline below. Although, I’ve used the brand throughout the years, occasionally, I would veer off and  try other brands only to be disappointed either by the fast yellowing or the toxic odors that I have yet to experience with ArtResin. (Whew! That was a mouthful! Sorry y’all) I would always return home. So after trying a few times, I eventually came to my senses and decided to stick with ArtResin going forward. 


So, what’s this blog post really about? Haven’t you guess it? Well, ArtResin of course. I was recently contacted by Rebecca of ArtResin who sent me a batch of resin to do as I pleased with. I am here to share some of my processes and experiences with the brand using a specific project. Stay tuned to see how I used ArtResin to help me create this stunning family. 


If you would like to skip through the reading, the video can be found here:

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Phase 1: Design and laser cut 

The father figure was drawn by another artist, Sacha Simms, AKA my younger sister. The mother and child were drawn by myself. After creating the computer renderings of each, the shapes were then laser cut using birch wood. 

Phase 2:  Sand and Paint

This is  self explanatory, I won’t bore you with an entire paragraph. 😆

Phase 3: Mixing THINGS into ArtResin to create texture: 

If you know anything about me personally, then you know I like to experiment and think my way through my creative projects be it in the kitchen or in my art studio.   I chose a few items that I thought would give me the texture and vibe I wanted and I mixed them into the resin.... starting with these little pebbles. 
Mixing random items into resin to create texture


What phase are we on? Let’s call it 8! 

Phase 8: Apply my concoction to the painted shapes to create black girl magic hair! 

Let’s not forget the beard!!

After adding the textured hair to all of the pieces, I created the earrings, attached them and finished the entire set with another coat of ArtResin. Oh, might I add for those who don’t know, the earrings are also original designs by yours truly. AAAAAND YOU can own a pair for yourself! They can be purchased separately, in custom colors, via email to


After using parts of the Scientific Method to mentally plan this project, I am thrilled with the outcome.

ArtResin ( was my partner throughout this entire fun process and through so many of my projects over the years! I absolutely love the brand, thier product, and their customer service. When I initially started using resin, I messaged them on Instagram and they did not hesitate to provide me with pointers that undoubtedly led to my current successes.  I  feel confident using ArtResin on my artwork that represents me as an artist, a crafts person, and business person. But most importantly, I can confidently provide my collectors with a nontoxic yet beautiful gloss on their artwork and wearable art jewelry.


I will post more pictures after a few months and maybe after a year (or 2) to show that the resin hasn’t yellowed. The white head wraps and earrings are perfect as the color will quickly reveal any yellowing. 

And  for your viewing pleasure, here are a few pieces of my past work  coated in ArtResin.


P.S. - I’ve also used ArtResin to redo two kitchen countertops. I’ll post more about that in a separate blogpost. 


Thanks for reading and shopping!


Mrs. Smiles

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I absolutely love your artwork! How you used the pebbles mixed with the resin to do their hair and facial hair looks incredible. Wondering if you found it better to let the resin sit for a bit with the pebbles mixed in before you applied it, or was it okay to apply right after you mixed it? Like was it too liquidy? Thanks :)


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